How To Turn Your DIY Hobby Into A Career

If you’re passionate about DIY and enjoy spending weekends making home improvements,  or crafts maybe you should consider making a career out of your hobby. There’s always a huge demand for interior design, decorating and furniture making services. Some tradespeople even make a living from doing odd jobs like putting up shelves or hanging pictures. If you have the skills and ability to make quality improvements to your own home, you could be making some money helping others improve theirs.

Here are a few essential steps you’ll need to take to turn your DIY hobby into a career:


  1. Do The Paperwork

Any new business needs to get its paperwork in order. You need to register with the relevant bodies and declare any taxable income. You should also prepare a business plan so you have a clear idea of your company’s strategic and financial direction.

  1. Hone Your DIY Skills

Whilst you may be happy with your DIY results at home, consider how you can provide a high quality service that people will pay for. It may be worth attending a course to develop your skills that bit further and taking the time to practise new techniques at home.

  1. Source Equipment

As a DIY professional, you’ll probably need some mode of transport to get you and your tools from one job to the next. Consider branding your vehicle with your company details. Not only will this make you look more professional, it will also give passers-by a chance to see the services you’re offering in their area. You should also get advice as to the best tools for your particular line of work. It may be worth spending a little more for quality tools that will last as you’ll be using them every day, not just on weekends.

  1. Find Supplies

Any business needs to consider its overheads and you don’t want to be spending any more than completely necessary on the supplies you use from day to day. Finding a compromise between price and quality is essential and you should shop around to find the best deals.

  1. Spread The Word

Now you’re ready for work, it’s time to spread the word to your potential customers. You could print leaflets detailing your services and post them around your neighbourhood or put an advertisement in the local paper. Get some business cards printed and always leave a handful with customers. This way they can pass one on to any friends looking for a similar service.

  1. Get Online

Any business worth its salt these days has some kind of online presence. This could be a fully-fledged website or just a comprehensive page on a social media site. It’s a good idea to put information about your services, customer testimonials, photos of completed jobs, prices and contact details on your website or page. You can also register your details in online directories so people searching other websites for local DIY services will be able to find your name and a brief summary of your services.

  1. Provide A Quality Service

Once your business is up and running, it’s important to be reliable, communicate well with your customers and provide a consistently high quality service. Word of mouth advertising is still a huge factor in the success of small businesses so you want to leave a job with happy customers, ready and willing to recommend your services to their friends and colleagues.

Ticking off each of these steps will bring you closer to that dream job. With the right skills, the best materials and the ability to spread the word about your services, a career in home improvement could be just around the corner.


Sophia Beirne is passionate about providing helpful content and sharing her tips. She’s part of the team at VPN Compass and has been featured in a number of online publications. With a background in business administration, she’s most interested in entrepreneurship & job market trends.

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