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I was super excited when I received this package in the mail the other day.  It’s Piping Rock’s Mist Vapor Spa Ultrasonic Diffuser!  I have never been into aromatherapy but I think this product might change me.  Want to know what I thought about it?

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1.Mist Vapor Diffuser
2. Cover
3. 100 ml measuring cup
4. Power cord image1 (1)

Essential Oils are NOT included.  I chose Lavender and Rose.  Piping Rock has an awesome selection here.  


1, Take off cover
2. Measure 100ml of distilled water (it recommends you use distiller water for the best results, so that’s what I did.
3. add drops of oil (essential or aromatherapy) to your preferences.  I put in about 6 drops. I wouldn’t recommend less than that but you may want to do a few more if you are looking for a stronger scent.
My first round, I went with Rose for the general fragrance Later that night I swapped it out for lavender which is known  for being a therapeutic remedy to help uplift your mood and ease stress.  You can totally mix oils too for different and new scents (this is going to be so exciting.)
4. Adjust color/light and mist to your preference with corresponding buttons.
5. Sit back, relax and SMELL THE ROSES!

So I absolutely loved it.  No other way to put it.  It takes a little while for the water to heat up but once it does.  It’s a very calming and soothing way to use oils and fragrance your home!
Less pungent than a candle but the six drops of Rose oil I put in gave off a very nice fragrance that wasn’t overpowering.

Oh, did I mention, IT LIGHTS UP?  The icing on the cake is something I didn’t even realize… not only does it light up but it changes colors!  There is a button that allows you to switch between one color and changing colors (but it does not have a function to turn the light off). Oh. My. God… This may be my new favorite thing..   It’s like a night light for adults!

Besides the button to change the light up setting, you can also change the mist level from high-medium-low.

The mister also has an auto-stop off when there is not enough water.














Essential oil diffuser

(with and without the cover.  You should put the cover on, I just wanted to show what it’s doing under the hood).
Who/where I’d recommend it for:
  Great idea for bedrooms, basements,   I am planning on using it everywhere but especially in my  guest bedroom (AKA the log cabin) when guest are staying.  Why, that room gets a little dry and stale and it will freshen the place up and serve as a great night light (I am sure any of my guests will think it is as super cool as I do).  But in all seriousness I think most people would enjoy this product.  Especially,  if you enjoy fragarance products (candles, inscents) as much as I do.  Becuase there’s not flame/ember this may be a great alternative for you.  Not to mention many of the oils are said to have therapuatic qualities.  Scents like lavender are great relaxers and can even help you sleep better!

Where to get it: Get it on Piping Rock’s website (and it’s on sale right now)  or Amazon 

If you decide to get it, have tried it or have a question, let me know! Otherwise, enjoy!!



Disclaimer: I received this product from Piping Rock for free under the condition that I write a review the product.  I was in no way paid, bribed or blackmailed to write a positive review of the product.  The views and thoughts about the product are my own.

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