Kitchen cleaning and money saving hacks

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If you want to have a perfectly clean kitchen without spending too much time, you need to check out the following cleaning and money saving hacks! They will help you keep your kitchen and all the appliances and items in it spotless and ready to be used without affecting your budget. Here are some smart ways to sanitize your cooking and other appliances as well as remove the odors from the cooked food.

Tips to save money cleaning your kitchen!!

OVENS: If you want to clean your oven easily with products that can be found in every store, here is how to do it. Put half cup of ammonia in a bowl and place it in the center of the cooled oven. Without turning the oven on let the product work through the night. In the morning take a paper cloth and wipe the grease and grime from the appliance.

SPONGES: Kitchen sponges are some of the dirtiest items that contain a big amount of bacteria, contaminants and mold. An easy and effective way to clean your sponge is by putting it in the microwave for two minutes. Then let the sponge cool for a couple of minutes before touching it. This procedure should be performed every other day. This cleaning method is suitable for sponges that don’t contain metal materials.

MICROWAVE: Here is an easy and cheap way to clean your microwave without chemicals and too much effort. Simply put a bowl with white vinegar in a coffee cup and turn the microwave on setting it on three minutes. Then, throw away the liquid in the sink. Use a moist cloth to wipe all internal sides of the appliance: bottom, sides and top.

COPPER POTS AND PANS: An easy way to clean copper pans and pots and remove dirty spots from them is by using ketchup. Use a cotton swab and dip it in ketchup, then scrub the pans and pots. Wipe off the items and polish them again using a cotton cloth.

SMALL APPLIANCES: Here is a simple, cheap and easy way for cleaning your toaster, mixer and other small kitchen appliances which is provided by Professional Clean Wimbledon. Put a small quantity of cream of tartar on a moistened sponge and use it to scrub the external parts of any small kitchen appliance. The powder contains citric acid that is perfect for breaking the film which forms over time.

ODORS: A smart trick to remove odors from your kitchen is by using vanilla. Pour two little doses or capsules of vanilla into a vessel and put it on the oven at 300 degrees for about an hour. Then let it cool before removing it from the oven. Your whole kitchen will have a pleasant vanilla aroma.

CHEESE GRATER: There is an easy and inexpensive way to clean your cheese grater without detergents. If it has dried-on cheese left on it, you can remove it by grating a potato or an apple. This will freshen up your cheese grater and remove all dried-on leftovers of cheese.

CUTTING BOARDS: If you wonder how to effectively and successfully clean your wooden cutting boards, there is a way to do this. Instead of using soap and water, wipe the board with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. This will disinfect the cutting board. Then, sprinkle coarse salt over the whole surface of the board and rub the salt into the wood with a little squeezed lemon. This will eliminate all odors and stains from the item. To finish the process wipe the moisture from the board until it becomes dry and use a mineral oil to rub over it. This way it will stay hygienic.

If you apply these simple kitchen cleaning hacks, your kitchen will be in a great condition without the use of toxic  products. They will save you money and ensure hygienic and flawless appliances and kitchen items.


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