Beginners Guide: How to Make Candles

I am a huge fan of candles.  And I was so excited to find out that making candles is so much easier than I thought!  It’s cheap to buy the supplies, it’s easy to make and it’s FUN! So, my (best & most crafty) friend Kait gave me an amazing tutorial on how to make my own candles! Here’s what I learned in this easy how-to guide on making candles!





-SOY WAX (like this)





1. Create a double boiler.  For those who do not have one or do not know what that is, start out with filling a large pot 1/2 way with water.

NOTE: Don’t let the water over boil, keep on a rolling boiling so the water doesn’t get into the wax.



2. Measure out your wax.  1/3 lb of wax makes approximately one 6oz candle.


3. Pour your wax into the double boiler (or your homemade boiler– see photo)



4. Stir while waiting for the wax to melt. Like this:
IMG_0214 IMG_0215 IMG_0217

5. While waiting for wax to melt (or you can prepare ahead and have this step already done), push glue dot onto the bottom of the wick.  Then use a pencil to push the wick (glue dot down) into the jar.

IMG_0219 IMG_0220

6. Once the wax is all melted stir in your desired essential oils for fragrance.  Use up to 20 drops (you can mix and match like we did!) in each batch.  We chose to make a fall candle, so we used Apple, Cinnamon and Vanilla.  It smells like Apple Pie!


7. Pour in the wax into your jar or canister! Pour slowly and hold the wick upwards as you pour.  Be careful, it will be HOT! IMG_0235

8. Prop up the wick with a pencil as it dries.

IMG_0248 IMG_0252

9. Cut the wicks once wax hardens!


Viola!  Finished product!


-Use a pot for crafts.  Don’t use something you plan on cooking with soon after– the wax is a bit tricky to get off.
-Be careful!  The wax and pots containing the wax are HOT! Be careful not to burn yourself!
-If you use vanilla, your candle might turn out brown tinted.  Don’t freak, just the consistency of the essential oil gives it a brown hue.
-The above guide is for undyed candles.  You can dye your candles but you will want to buy coloring specific for candles and / or UV stabilizer for your candle so the color doesn’t fade.
-About an hour after, the wax will be soft and you can drop in some marbles or (nonflammable) glass ornaments to add a little flair!
-Takes about 2- 3 hours (depending on size) until the candle is completely dry!


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