DIY Window Pane Clothespin Picture Frame!

I spent my Sunday afternoon (well about twenty minutes of it) doing this SUPER easy craft that I couldn’t wait to share with all of you!

I’ve been loving on those vintage window pane clothespin picture frames that seem to be everywhere.  I was tempted to buy one at $30 when I realized, I could make one for half the price! And I was right!!  I headed straight to Michael’s (which happens to be next door from where I was already shopping) and I picked out a vintage window pane at for less than $10 (even cheaper with my 50% off coupon) and had the other supplies handy so I got right to work!  If you had to buy all the supplies it wouldn’t run you more than $15, see below for all the supplies and SUPER easy how-to guide.

DIY Window Pane Frame


-Window pane (or imitation window pane, find one at Micheal’s for about $5.00)
-Clothespins (decorate them or leave them plane)
-Drill (with burrowing drill bit)1452161_1727241894178720_3862196838159380199_n


  1. Use a ruler to make even marks on each side of the pane
  2. Drill holesIMG_2400
  3. Tightly fasten string, I just double knotted it. IMG_2403
  4. Cut off extra twine, add clothespins and photos!!!

That’s it! Seriously!

diy window frame picture display Untitled design (2)

Why would ever buy one? This project cost me less than $10 and less than 20 minutes!  Hope you decide to make one yourself and decide to always load it up with geeky photo booth photos of you and your friends!

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