DIY Shatterproof Glass Ornaments Using Flex Seal

I decided to do something creative and create some new homemade ornaments this year! But, as you know, I have cats (including one rambunctious kitten) which means that any ornaments on my tree are in jeopardy of being swatted off the tree and shattering all over the gifts…  Therefore I need to make shatterproof ornaments. But I was determined to use glass ornaments… how can I make those shatterproof you ask? Why, with some rubber coating!  I used Flex Seal, which is a liquid rubberized coating traditionally used for sealing leaks.

DIY Shatterproof ornaments

This project would work with new ornaments or to restore old ornaments and make them shatterproof!

What you need:

supplies for DIY ornaments

-Glass ornaments
-Flex seal (which comes in a rainbow of colors!  I used red, white and blue)
-Painters tape

Step 1: 

diy glass ornaments

Wrap the tops of the ornaments with painters tape.

Step 2:

Using Flex Seal to make ornaments shatter proof!

Spray the ornament with the desired color of flex seal.  Spray outside or in a  well ventilated area.  Spray from about one full arms length away.  Cover the ornament in one coat.  NOTE: the more you put on, the longer it takes to dry.  Try to only apply one coat !

Step 3:

Making shatterproof glass ornaments

Apply glitter!    When it goes on, it’s a bit bumpy and the color is more matte than an ordinary ornament,  so I added glitter to some to even them out! Use a glitter spray or shaker, do not roll the glitter while the product is still wet.

Step 4:
Let dry and repeat with additional ornaments! When drying, they cannot touch each other so the best container to dry them in is the carton they came in or an egg carton.


homemade ornaments


-Wear gloves!
-Wear clothes that you don’t care about or a smock because (especially if there is a wind) you may get some on your clothing.
-an egg carton (or the carton they came in if they are new) is the best way to put them down to dry so they colors don’t mix.
-Takes about  2-3 hours to dry.

I LOVE the way they came out! I also tested them out on the CONCRETE to see if they would break, and they did not!!   The Flex Seal worked perfectly for this project and acted as a spray paint as well as a glass protector!  Now I have gorgeous homemade ornaments and i don’t have to worry about my cat knocking them off the tree and them shattering!! Who would have thought you could use Flex Seal for this!  For more information and to order, visit here.  

Disclaimer: I received this product from Flex Seal for free under the condition that I write a review the product.  I was in no way paid, bribed or blackmailed to write a positive review of the product.  The views and thoughts about the product are my own.

DIY ornaments


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