Cleaning Your Garage Efficiently!

Most people’s garages are actually places where they just dump everything that has no place in the house with no thought, to avoid having to sort it out and just make sure there is enough space for the car. Sounds familiar? Well here’s how to sort out your garage properly and you’ll see it’s not as bad or hard and it may look.

clean and organize your garage!


Cleaning Your Garage Efficiently


Finding tools when you need them is always difficult so sort this out first. Now is also a good time to clean/oil etc. any tools that need it. After gathering all the tools together, start to store them in an order. The order depends on you; just make sure it makes enough sense for you to be able to find a certain tool when you need it.


Garden equipment

Garden equipment seems to be the thing that fills up most people’s garages the most. So sort all of them out together, clean anything that needs it and store them away together in a set section of the garage, so that they are easy to reach without being in the way or just pushed to the side.



Chances are with all sorts of stuff being thrown in there your garage smells a bit, but no fear! It’s easy to get rid of the smell. First, something you are probably already doing, just make sure the garage door is open when you are clearing to let the space air out. This will help reduce the smell and the any risk of mould growing. Cat litter is also good at trapping the smells as are onions and baking soda. Simply put a box in each corner of the space with whichever you chose to get rid of the smell and leave for a day or so. It will effectively pull the smell dissolving it, not masking it. Leaving air fresheners or something similar in your garage after you have it fully and professionally cleaned it will help reduce any bad smells that could build up again.



When going through the rest of the clutter, try to recycle anything you can. Anything you haven’t used in the last 12 months realistically can be thrown out; however, it’s always better to recycle if you can. Also if the items are still in good condition you could donate them. Another plus of this is that cardboard and paper can attract mould so the less of it you need to keep and store in the garage the better.



Clean you bins, it’s simple yet many people don’t do it. They don’t have to be spotless; just put some soapy water in there and give each bin a quick scrub. It will kill any germs and wash away any bad smells that have been left behind in the bins after they have been emptied. Just because they will eventually become full of rubbish again soon doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be cleaned too. Also, a dirty bin can attract bugs which will be more difficult to get rid of and can spread to others things and rooms.



Another aspect that often gets ignored is the floor. It can be something as simple sweeping up any mess or throwing water on it and washing it with a broom but it will make a world of difference to the look and smell of your garage. Having a clean base will also help set the tone for ensuring the rest of it stays clean; this includes any shelving or storage boxes etc.

This post was a guest post by Ella Andrews. Ella Andrews is a content writer and blogger. Her passion are all sorts of home remodeling, organizing and interior design related projects. She is presently focused on writing the best possible and is enjoying every opportunity to share tips and advises with her readers.

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