8 Terrible DIY Improvements That Will Devalue Your House

As a homeowner, you may have your own reasons to upgrade your property. Maybe you are giving it a cosmetic facelift to increase its resale value. When upgrading your property, it is important to make smart choices. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of money. You could even turn off potential buyers.

Before launching a home improvement project, it is important to review your market. You should know what upgrades have the best potential. If most homes in your neighborhood have just 3 bedrooms, adding a 4th bedroom to your home can actually boost its resale value. But if the homes in your neighborhood have an average price of $150,000, spending $50,000 on a kitchen remodel is not a wise idea because it won’t automatically increase the value of your home to $200,000. The idea of renovating a home is to increase its resale value. If renovations price the home out of the local market prices, you will have a tough time finding a buyer. But if you really loved those exotic marble countertops or steam showers, you may get them for your own enjoyment. Just don’t expect them to boost the value of your property dramatically.

Here are home improvement projects that may not increase the resale value of your home.


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Vinyl vs Wood vs Fiberglass Windows: What to Go with and Why

You have decided to finally pull the trigger on a full window replacement for your home.  Good for you.  It is a big project, but well worth it in the end.  As long as you choose your materials wisely.  So, what are you going with?  The classic wood frame.?  Bright white vinyl?  Have your eye on a fiberglass model?  Well, hopefully you have done your research.  Window replacement is a big investment.  Here are some things to think about when deciding on which frame material is right for you.

Denver CO Window Replacement

Glass Replacement Highlands Ranch CO

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Top 5 Painting Mistakes

With the amount of painting I’ve done around the house you’d think i’d be an expert by now. Not even close.  I find myself making the same mistakes every time! I decided to make a list of my most common painting fails, so you don’t have to make the same mistake when painting!

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Make your Home Fresh for Fall!

With the changing of the seasons, people start to clean all of their apartments or houses. Some of them may hire a cleaning company which will do this for them, but most of the people will do this by themselves. It is good for your health to clean the whole flat, every inch of your place, at least twice a year. Moreover, the so called scrub-up is good to make your home even more comfortable. If you start this task by yourself, probably this article may help you to save time.

Make your home fre

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DIY Coffee Table Tray!

I’ve been really trying to get back into the swing of crafting to prep me for the big projects the house needs once the summer ends. So after a trip through my favorite craft store, I decided to start small and, even though it took some experimenting with Mod Podge, make a coffee table tray (since we finally got a proper coffee table)!  It was perhaps the easiest craft so far!  Check out how to make your own Mod Podge coffee table tray below!


SUPPLIES”DIY coffee table try

-Wood tray (or anything similar that you are trying this with)

-Mod Podge

-Acrylic Paint

-Paint brush

-Sponge brush

-Designed paper (like scrapbooking paper or thin wallpaper)


  1. PAINT!  I painted everything but the bottom (because I was planning on putting paper there.  I always miss spots so I did a second coat along the edgesIMG_3326
  2. LET DRY! Patience (or lack of) always gets the best of me here but try to let it dry.  I used acrylic paint and it only took like 15 minutes to dry.
  3.  MOD PODGE!  I used two different papers (three sheets in total).  Make sure to do them how they will lay and do separately.  I also used a sponge brush.IMG_3329
  4. SECOND COAT!  If necessary.  It is though, trust me.
  5. ENJOY!

What do you think? Try it out and let me know!  Have ideas for other fun (and easy) crafts to do with  Mod Podge? Let me know below in the comments.  Would love to try out your ideas!


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