8 bedroom cleaning tips as simple as ABC


Bedrooms should be kept dust-free and clean by being wiped and hoovered regularly. After a tiresome day at work you come back to have a rest and the bedroom is the place where you can relax in tranquility. Here you will learn 8 useful cleaning tips as simple as ABC. They will ensure the healthy condition of this room in your home.


  1. Wipe the dust from the blinds

Use an old pair of socks to wipe the dust from the blinds in your bedroom. They gather dust very fast and need cleaning at least once per week. Make a simple cleaning solution of equal parts of vinegar and water. Put your hand in one of the socks and dip it in this cleaning solution, wipe the dust from the blinds and use the other sock to wipe them dry.


  1. Clean the radiators in your bedroom

Radiators are another items which gather a lot of dust and need regular cleaning. You can easily get them rid of the dust they have accumulated. Use a damp cloth to wipe the top and front of the radiators. Wrap a wire coat hanger in a cloth and use it to wipe the dust between and behind the panels of the radiators.


  1. Use a damp cloth to clean furniture, floors, door, sills and frames

Wipe most hard bedroom surfaces with a damp cloth a few minutes eacg day or once a week. This will reduce dust and allergens in this room and ensure you a healthy and long sleep


  1. Wash the curtains as often as necessary

Wash the curtains in your bedrooms at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. If you notice stains or change of colour put them in the washing machines with other suitable fabrics.


  1. Keep your cleaning supplies at one place which is easy for access

Gather all cleaning tools, detergents, mops and solvents at one place which will save you time and searching. If you prefer you cam make your eco-friendly cleaning sprays, solutions and detergents to keep dust and grime away.


  1. Gather all items from the floor and put them at their places

Pick all items from the floor and bring them where they should be before using the vacuum cleaner and mopping the floor. Reduce the number of items in your bedroom which you don’t need. This will help you with the cleaning of this room.




  1. Hoover the carpets, mattresses and mop the hard floors at least once per week

CarpetCleaner Southfields suggests it is necessary to provide vacuum cleaning and mopping of the carpets, mattresses and hard floors at least once per week. Use a mop which had been squeezed of the excess water or cleaning solution to remove the dust from hard floors.


  1. Remove pet hairs from you bed using moistened rubber gloves

Maybe your dog or cat likes to sit or lie on your bed but this isn’t a very good habit. In case you have to remove hairs from it you can use rubber gloves that had been dampened with water. Put them on your hands and go through your bedding to capture as much hairs as possible. In the end, rinse the gloves with water using a drain catcher in your sink. Throw away the hairs.


With these simple and easy to put in practice tips you can keep your bedrooms perfectly clean and healthy. If you set a system to organize and keep your possessions tidy in this room you won’t have problems maintaining the bedrooms in your home clean at all times. The place which you use to sleep should be de-cluttered, tidy and healthy to ensure you an effective relaxation.


This post is a guest post by Sophie. Sophie is a small business owner. She is from London. Her hobby is writing short stories, articles and how-to-guides.

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