Toliet review: Glacier Bay High Efficiency Dual Flush

When redoing our bathroom, one of the most important purchases we made was the… toilet!  As our primary guest bathroom and our only full bath, we wanted to make sure our toilet was a quality product as well as efficient in saving water.Toliet Review High Efficiency Dual Flush

What we chose:

 Product Photo:

In our Bathroom (with Frankie of course).

 Untitled design

-Reasonably priced at around $100.
-Saves water.  Can’t pinpoint how much yet but it’s a noticeable difference of the amount of water used  between the “1” and “2” buttons when you flush
-Sleek design
-Relatively simple to install

-It’s very tall.  Sitting on their the first time I was a little shocked… my feet almost dangle.
-The screw covers do not screw on, therefore are easily dislodged (even more so if you have a kitten..)
-The lid is not super sturdy and becomes dislodged often.

Assembly: (installed by the man of the house, so the following is his opinion)
Berto gives the installation process *** aka moderate difficulty.
the easy part:  :the dual flush capability was already assembled so there was no extra steps.
the hard part: getting the toilet/flange aligned with the wax ring and knowing when it’s the right position.    (note: you may find this difficult when installing ANY toilet, not just this model).  
hindsight:  trust your instincts with the wax ring, if it feels right it is likely properly in place.  Also you should read carefully through the instruction manual before starting the installation.  Some of the components look similar (nuts, bolts, etc) so it’s a good idea to organize them before you begin.

Overall, we are pretty pleased for the price the quality is pretty great.  I would recommend it but since this is not our primary bathroom I will have to update this review once the toilet has gotten adequate use!



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