The Do’s & Don’ts of Painting Tiles

When redoing the bathroom, we had a huge dilemma.  We were working with some old, brightly colored tiles. Although it seems to be a new phenomenon,  I’ve seen people painting tiles online lately so I decided to give it a whirl.    I used two different epoxy paint kits designed specifically for tubs and tiles.  Read on for supplies, how to and before & after!!


-abrasive cleaner
-steel wool
-sandpaper (xx grit)
-foam roller
-paint brush
-epoxy paint kit:
Rust Oleum, Tub/Tile Refreshing Kit, White, Epoxy 

Homax Tough as Tile One Part Epoxy Brush On Kit


First step:

clean the tiles with an abrasive cleaner and steel wool.  If using the Homax kit, it  comes with the solution and pads.

Second step:

Sand the tiles using ** grain sand paper.

Third step:

If applicable, mix  the epoxy.  Then using a roller, do the first coat.  Use a brush to get into the corners.

Fourth step:

let dry for at least 72 hours



Fifth step:  

If you are like me, you’ll have creases that you missed completely and areas that need a second coat.  Do second coat and touch up with a brush kit.

Sixth step:

let dry, again, for 72 hours



IMG_0425 IMG_0424

AFTER FIRST COAT:  painting tiles

Bathroom remodel tour


painting tiles

painting tiles

painting tiles


-Two coats!
-epoxy paint is strong, so make sure the area is well ventilated and wear a respirator, gloves and safety glasses.
-clean the tiles well before sanding!
-work fast, especially if using the two part epoxy
-beware of drips!
-When you use a roller you won’t get the corners.  Make sure you use a brush too
-if you are using two part, work fast because the epoxy dries up.

Which kit I liked better:

I found the one part epoxy (Homax) to be much easier to work with.  Not only does the kit come with the necessary supplies (cleaner, gloves, sandpaper, brush and steel wool), the one part doesn’t dry up and it wasn’t as smelly.


Have you ever painted tile? Share your experience below!!


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