DIY Powder Room Upgrades


Does your powder room (aka bathroom) feel a little underwhelming? You may be under the impression that the decor in these rooms don’t matter, but we’re here to tell you that enhancing the powder rooms in your home can do a lot in terms of adding value! Sometimes, all it takes is a simple upgrade, like freshly tiling your floor or installing new fixtures around your sink. Discover how easy it can be to completely transform the look and feel of your powder room.

  • Find the right focus. What you focus on upgrading depends on the bathroom that you’re working on. For instance, the sink is often the focal point of a powder room, while the tub or shower is the focal point in a full or master bathroom. If you’re upgrading your powder room, adding a porcelain pedestal sink will exemplify elegance. In addition to being extremely stylish additions, pedestal sinks don’t take up much space at all, so they’re great for tight quarters.
  • Play around with accessories. Whether you have recently upgraded the appliances in your powder room or your budget doesn’t allow for a new installation, you can still transform the room with simple accessory upgrades. Shop local craft stores or weekend yard sales for accent shelving and wall art. You can sometimes find decorative soap dishes and vintage towel bars if you look hard enough! If you’re not working with a lot of space to accessorize, use a dramatic mirror to expand the appearance of your half bath.
  • Amplify storage space. From spare toilet paper and hand towels to hygiene products, cleansers, and scrub brushes, finding room for these bathroom necessities can be challenging in a powder room. While a pedestal sink doesn’t offer any storage space, there are still ways to create storage space. Install floating shelves or a medicine cabinet over the sink. Over-the-toilet cabinets are also great for small bathrooms that require bulk storage. If you’re going to take this route, ensure the shelving begins at least a foot above the toilet, leaving ample space to easily make repairs as needed.
  • Update lighting fixtures. Lighting is another accessory many homeowners ignore when considering possible powder room upgrades. With the simple installation of a new fixture, you’ll see your bathroom in a whole new light! Task lighting, or lighting that , is ideal for powder rooms. Powder rooms don’t require extremely bright task lighting, as they are more of a pit stop for friends and family when they visit, rather than a place to conduct a morning ritual. Install lighting in the 45-watt range in the center of the ceiling in your powder room. This will cast the most light around the room, creating a comfortable and relaxing ambience.
  • Incorporate distinct hardware. The hardware in a powder room is equivalent to the jewelry your pair with an outfit – it puts the finishing touches on the room. Choose hardware that is true to your personal style, but also stands out from the rest. For example, you might choose standard chrome fixtures, but install them on the wall above the sink instead of directly onto the sink. Think outside the box and be open to unique iterations of traditional bathroom hardware!

Get people talking about the smallest space in your home. Transform your powder room with these simple upgrades!


This guest post was written by  Will Shuhaibar. Will Shuhaibar is the co-owner of, a website that was created with a single goal in mind – to provide a way for customers to select and buy home and bath furnishings from the comfort of their home, with all the tangible benefits of a physical store. When he’s not in the office, he enjoys spending time with his family and traveling.

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