Year Two Wrap Up

Foreword:  the second year goes much quicker than the first.  A lot more feeling comfortable and  alot less work getting done… But we did still get a lot done.  Some of it small like getting new furniture (new couch, bench, coffee table, and cabinet), finishing up some projects and starting some new ones.

-We took this ancient bee-invested awning down and as a result we hosted more parties outside!

-Finished up the basement remodel by doing the ceiling.

-Did some fun  crafts like this coffee table tray and this picture frame.  

-We began the renovation of one of the  bedroom by tearing down wood paneling, ripping up carpeting and demolishing  a builtin desk.

It did reveal a bigger problem and we will soon be  adding re-sheet rocking to our long honey-do list.  That will be our MONSTER project of 2017 that will involve learning lots of new skills like refinishing hardwood floors (can’t wait…)

As always, thanks for reading and STAY TUNED!



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