Top 5 Painting Mistakes

With the amount of painting I’ve done around the house you’d think i’d be an expert by now. Not even close.  I find myself making the same mistakes every time! I decided to make a list of my most common painting fails, so you don’t have to make the same mistake when painting!

  1. USE TAPE (and correctly): Always use painters tape and make sure it’s secure and straight.  If it’s not put on correctly, you may wind up NOT painting an area you meant to paint or getting paint on a surface you didn’t mean to.
  2. SECOND (AND SOMETIMES EVEN THIRD) COAT IS ALWAYS NEEDED:  No mater what color you are painting over, it’s never ever ever even after the first coat.  Just make sure when you are doing the second coat that you don’t apply TOO much paint at once or else you may get some drips.
  3. SAND: If you are spackling make sure you sand PERFECTLY or else you will see bumps and groves after your paint job.  It will drive you crazy for ever.
  4. USE A DROP CLOTH (OR TWO): even if it’s just a touch up or a quick job, always make sure you protect the areas around where you are painting.  Paint always seems to somehow splash or drip and wind up in the most peculiar places.  Consider taping a drop cloth down with some painters tape to ensure it’s secure.  Tip — if you spill or drip paint, try nail polish remover while it’s still wet to get it off.  Just make sure you wash off the remover afterwards because the alcohol can damage some surfaces.
  5.  BUY MORE PAINT THAN YOU NEED: ‘just enough’ probably won’t be enough and in the worst case scenario it may be difficult finding the same color if you need another coat down the road.

What are your painting tips? Share in the comments below!


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