Make your Home Fresh for Fall!

With the changing of the seasons, people start to clean all of their apartments or houses. Some of them may hire a cleaning company which will do this for them, but most of the people will do this by themselves. It is good for your health to clean the whole flat, every inch of your place, at least twice a year. Moreover, the so called scrub-up is good to make your home even more comfortable. If you start this task by yourself, probably this article may help you to save time.

Make your home fre

First, start with planing- make yourself clear from where you will start with the cleaning. A good advice is to start cleaning the house room by room. Don’t forget that under the big wardrobes and bedrooms there is layers of dust. So, you need to move all the furniture in the room in order to clean properly. It is better if you clean the floor at the end. If you have carpets and draperies, start with their washing. Then clean the dust from the shelves, books and try to get rid of all the small unnecessary stuff on the shelves, because their cleaning waist most of your time. Then go for the windows. To avoid any stains after the cleaning, better use detergent which consists alcohol and clean the windows with kitchen paper.


The second big step which will provide you with more space is to clean the wardrobes.  Leave only the clothes which you will wear and everything else you may throw away or donate.

Then comes the bathroom. If you clean it regularly, you do not need to spend that much time on it. But still, it is one of the rooms in your place, which needs special attention when it comes to cleaning since there is a lot of moisture and it is a good medium for bacteria. Scrub the tub, the toilet, the sink and the tiles very well. Then clean the mirror and wipe the cupboards.

In bedrooms it is good to clean the mattress, to change the pillows and throw away the old ones. Old pillows can be dangerous for your health. These are the perfect environment for the development of different kinds of bacteria which can unlock different allergies. If you do not feel like changing your pillow, you can wash it with hot water and special detergents.

Another important moment in the big cleaning, which most of the people leave or forget, but Super Cleaners Hampstead doesn’t is to clean the filters of the air-conditioner. It is of essential meaning since this will freshen your air and it will prolong the life of your air-conditioner. The regular cleaning of the filters provides you with fresh and clean atmosphere. Moreover, it is not that hard to do it by yourself. Firstly, you need to switch off your air-conditioner and to open it. Secondly, remove the filters and use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust. In a dish you can mix water and vinegar and put the filters in it- the vinegar will kill all of the bacteria. You do not need to dry the filters, just wait until they dry. Then put the filters back on their place and you will get it- a fresh and clean air in your home.

If you have a garage or/and a garden, do not forget to clean them as well. Throw away all of the unnecessary stuff which you had stored over the years. You need to pay special attention to the garden in the autumn, since we all know about the fall of the leaves. In this season you have to clean your lawn with a rake at least twice a week and the lawn should be mown one last time before the start of winter. Then you just need to clean the mown grass, and your garden is ready for the winter.

The passing of summer makes a lot of people to feel nostalgic about the passed hot days, filled with joy. And it is a big change, since we start to prepare ourselves for winter, but we need to prepare our homes for it as well. Do not be afraid to start the big autumn cleaning. It is highly probable that you will not manage do everything for a single day, but you need to get down to work and start.

This post was a guest post by Amber. Amber writes about organizing and cleaning tips. She runs a small company situated in London.

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