My name’s Vicki.  I am  27, live on Long Island. I have no decorating, DIY or handy experience but I am attempting to flip an entire house.    On a very, very, tight budget.

This blog started as a way to show my own journey.  But as I have begun it I realized that I wanted to expand the platform for others, in similar boats, to share their journeys.  A place for all us newbies to find the answers to our questions, learn (and laugh) from others mistakes and share your own!  Want to contribute? Visit here.  



To find out what I am doing and why, visit the prologue.

Other irrelevant stuff you might (but probably don’t) want to know about me:
By day, I am a PR professional.  By night, I am a blogger, cat mom and nagging girlfriend. I love to read, I hate to garden (but do it regularly to spite myself). I love wine, I hate to cook .  I hate to exercise.  I love everything sci-fy, hate anything rom-com.   I only buy from the clearance rack but I am guilty of an occasional out of budget luxury splurge.  Lastly,  I am a huge Cincinnati Bengals fan but have no ties to Ohio, I just really like cats.

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  1. says:

    Hi Vicki. I’m just stopping by your website looking for some suggestions on how to organize a bedroom without the use of a shelf? Please help…
    Your blog looks great! Thanks for sharing a lot of personal information about yourself on your about me page. It’s nice to know that you’re a real person.

    Looking forward to your future posts…

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