My name’s Vicki.  I am  26, live on Long Island with my dedicated boyfriend and neither of us have any decorating, DIY or handy experience but we are attempting to flip an entire house.    On  a budget.  A very, very, tight budget.  Stay tuned because this will be good.



To find out what I am doing and why, visit the prologue.

Other irrelevant stuff you might (but probably don’t) want to know about me:
By day, I am a PR professional.  By night, I am a blogger, cat mom and nagging girlfriend. I love to read, I hate to garden (but do it regularly to spite myself). I love wine, I hate to cook .  I hate to exercise.  I love everything sci-fy, hate anything rom-com.   I only buy from the clearance rack but I am guilty of an occasional out of budget luxury splurge.  Lastly,  I am a huge Cincinnati Bengals fan but have no ties to Ohio, I just really like cats.

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  1. says:

    Hi Vicki. I’m just stopping by your website looking for some suggestions on how to organize a bedroom without the use of a shelf? Please help…
    Your blog looks great! Thanks for sharing a lot of personal information about yourself on your about me page. It’s nice to know that you’re a real person.

    Looking forward to your future posts…

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